What Are Different Cleaning Agents For Better Carpet Cleaning?

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Do you have carpets in your house? There is an obvious answer yes because almost everyone has carpets or rugs in their house. The main concern related to carpets is Carpet Cleaning. Maintaining carpets is not that hard but they should be treated with utmost care. Otherwise, they can get damage.

Carpet Cleaning helps in increasing the life span of carpets. It also keeps the home environment healthy and free of mosquitos. You must clean your carpets regularly to keep it free of germs and dirt. Deep cleaning is also important to keep it free from fungus and other bacteria or viruses.

In This Article, You will Get to Know About Different Cleaning Agents Used in Different Types of Carpet for Better Carpet Cleaning:

  • High pH Value Agents or Alkaline Agents

    Alkaline agents are those agents that have a pH value higher than 7. They are very useful types of agents to clean your carpet as they get neutralize with acids. Some of these acids that are commonly used are:
    • Baking Soda:

      Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is one of the most powerful disinfectants and cleaner. It is used in almost every carpet cleaning detergent and other detergents too.
    • Borax Agents:

      Borax is also consider a very useful agent for cleaning carpets. The main feature is that it is not soluble in water.
    • Phosphates:

      It helps in increasing the cleaning power because they have very high pH value and are easily soluble too.
  • Bleach Products

    There can be two types of bleach products. One is that are oxidizing agents and the other ones are reducing agents. Oxidizing agents remove even hard stains from the carpet. They are also use to make
    the carpet brighten. They make look like a carpet like a new one.
    Reducing agents remove the yellowing color from the carpets. Some stains may leave a yellow color even after they are treat with powerful agents. They are also use for shampooing by many companies and professionals.
  • Additive Agents

    Additive agents generally include emulsifiers. In emulsification, those oils are remove which cannot be remove using alkaline agents as they don’t react with them and turn themselves into a soap-like structure. Emulsifiers remove the oil effectively because the molecules of emulsifiers contain two ends. One end is hydrophobic that does not mix with water and the other end is hydrophilic i.e. mixes with water easily.
  • Crystallization Agents

    Sometimes, your carpet may start looking dirty or you can say faded after the cleaning. It does not look like what it should look after cleaning. This is known as the re-soiling of the carpets. So, to prevent this crystal agents are add to some detergents. The crystal molecules combine with the remaining residue and convert it into the crystal. So, there is no dirtiness left on the carpet.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

After reading this article, you will be able to know what are the differences between agents and what different works they perform to keep your carpet clean. Make sure that you know what agents you are using for your carpet cleaning in Hillcrest and whether they are needed or not. Use them according to your carpet need only. Otherwise, they may have side effects.