How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Carpets Using Carpet Shampooing Method?

Want to do carpet shampooing on your own? Then, this article is for you. 

Always keep in mind that all the carpets or upholstery items have a cleaning tag attached to them. Those tags are the instructions to follow for doing Carpet Steam Cleaning. Things you can do for taking care of your carpet:

  1. Gather Your Supplies To Get Started: Before you start with carpet shampooing, the first thing you need to do is to gather all the necessary supplies. Things that you will need are a vacuum, dish soap, dust beater, bristle brush, or sponge. You should always check or inspect your carpet fiber or the material it is made up of. So that you don’t damage your carpet by cleaning it wrongly. Before starting, also ensure that you have your outer space free and accessible to sunlight.
  2. Remove Loose Dust Or Grime Using A Carpet Beater: Before you wipe your carpet with a bristle brush, make sure to remove loose dust or soil using a carpet beater. For carpet shampooing, clean your carpet using the vacuum cleaner on high settings. And, before vacuuming, empty the bag to get the best or most efficient cleaning result. If for any reason you don’t have any vacuum cleaner, then, just cling your carpet on your balcony and beat it using a carpet beater. While cleaning you might notice some shag, so don’t panic if this happens because of excess fibers.
  3. Wash Your Carpet To Remove Strong Stains: Not all carpet material is washable. So, you need to identify if your material is washable or not. Don’t worry, it just sounds tough to identify but it is not. All you need to do is to check the cleaning tags and understand them. If your carpet material is non-washable, then, for carpet shampooing you need to prefer using the dry extraction method. And, you have to avoid using liquid detergents or water. If by mistake you wash the non-washable carpet, then, your carpets can shrink or fade. And, ultimately you have to replace your carpets. For DIY carpet shampooing, you can use vinegar or baking soda, they are the best home ingredients to rely on for carpet shampooing. They are very useful types of agents to clean your carpet as they get neutralize with acids
  4. Dry Your Carpet Out In The Sun: After you are done with carpet shampooing, the next step is to dry your carpet in the direct sunlight. It ensures to kill all germs that remain on the carpet after shampooing. Though, exposing your carpet to direct sunlight can lead to fading the color of your carpet which rarely happens, so you can use iron heat for drying your carpet. While drying, keep in mind that you need to keep rotating your carpets, so that carpets dry properly and you won’t get any foul smell from your carpet afterward. It will also not let your carpet fade due to direct sunlight.


Thusly, these are some of the things you can do to take care of your luxury carpets using the carpet cleaning method. Follow the article and choose the best and most suitable method of carpet shampooing by understanding your carpet material. You can also hire the carpet inspection services.